HIATUS Collective, part of Photo Fringe 2022, 'Real Utopias' exhibition in Brighton. 
The works presented by Hiatus Collective use photography to investigate a multitude of ideas, including mindfulness, identity, fabricated realities, and the relationships between medium, viewer, process, and material. Using photography to elevate the stories of others as well as using it as a receptacle for self-reflection, our collective approach to image-making hopes to encourage meaningful conversations and act as a pointer towards a more optimistic future. This year’s theme of Real Utopias therefore particularly resonated with us and our shared ethos towards not just our individual practices but also our collaborative endeavours.
Works by: Anna Luk, Ben Parker, Lisa Doyle, Lucy Kane, Saffron Laishley, Sam Megilley, Sophie Phillips and Stani Vaseva 

Stani Vaseva, 'Colour Space'
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